For the last year and change, Redman and Jayceeoh have been bridging the gap between hip-hop and electronic music with their 1000volts project. For their latest single, they've linked up with Canada's bass beast Datsik for "Monster," which comes correct with a hilariously sinister video directed by Satien "Sat" Mehta.

The clip, which finds 1000volts and Datsik robbing a weed dispensary, goes from bad to evil as the song progresses. It's a dope combination of Datsik and Jayceeoh's production prowess mixed with Redman's vivid imagery and perfect comedic acting chops.

Datsik told us that he's "really excited" about working on this track. "I've always enjoyed trying to combine the two worlds of bass music and hip-hop and what better way to do it then to work with the one and only Redman, one of the biggest legends in hip-hop. Jay and 1000volts are breaking new grounds and I'm thrilled to be a part of their journey!"

The feeling is mutual, as Jayceeoh calls "Monster" a "big step for the 1000volts project. Melding the worlds of electronic music and hip-hop is the essence of what 1000volts is all about. Collaborating with dubstep superstar Datsik on this single was an honor," which makes sense considering "Datsik's background and love for hip-hop."

Redman kept it a buck, calling the song and video "a fresh new energetic orgasm to the ear." In regards to working with Jayceeoh and Datsik, Red not only called those two "heavy grinders in our profession," but also called them "assholes" with a laugh. That's the kind of vibe the song and video bring.

Check out the full "Monster" video up above and grab the song on iTunes.