Vic Mensa has been promoting his new album The Autobiography with a press run that has included brutally honest talk about overcoming addiction, hilarious anecdotes about his graffiti days, and more. His actual rhymes, which were key in Vic Mensa inking his deal with Roc Nation, continue to be a topic of discussion, and the Southside Chicago native had them on display when sitting down with Sway Calloway and Heather B on Sway’s Universe.

A good portion of the bars were dedicated to gentrification, the media’s glorification of violence in Chicago, and the prison industrial complex.

“Skeletons in the closet, I’m picking up the bones/Trying to build a happy house from a land of broken homes/Folks and Stones turn into fiends, now they smoking stones/Ain’t shit free but I’m trying to break free like a Toblerone/Grape Street to State Street, I'm global like JoJo Capone,” Vic rhymed.

The freestyle also touched on the subject of Vic’s now-infamous appearance on Complex’s Everyday Strugggle.

“The same questions interviews/Wanna pin the news in my city to benefit they business/That shit is wack—that’s why I call you DJ Wakademiks.”

Sway and Heather conducted an interview as well, which begins at the 5:30 mark of the clip above.

Vic Mensa’s The Autobiography is available for purchase now.