Migos’ single “T-Shirt” found Takeoff rhyming, “Neck water faucet/Mocking birds mocking” in reference to the clarity of his diamonds. Now it appears the “YRN” diamond-encrusted chain he wore in the trio’s The Revenant-inspired video for “T-Shirt” has been significantly upgraded.


Put Dat Lil Shit Up

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If you’ve been following Takeoff on Instagram you may have noticed his recent, solar system-inspired piece, which is another of famed jewelry designer Elliot Avianne’s creations. Takeoff’s piece incorporates the sun as well as the planets Earth, Mars and Saturn, and a spaceship during takeoff—or the last element, of course, an homage to his rap name. The ship's infamous NASA logo is replaced by some YRN branding. Another piece of designer flair comes courtesy of Avianne incorporating the puffed, mariner style links popularized by Gucci.

Avianne—or someone close to him—gave TMZ some of the details of Takeoff’s piece, and they’re pretty much in line with what you would expect at first glance.

“The piece weighs 1 kilo and is covered in 200 karats of diamonds,” TMZ notes, while citing the price at roughly $500,000.

A visit to Avianne’s IG feed finds Migos turning up rather frequently.


F R E A K A Z O I D ! I Know We Not Playin Fair... #Eliantte 👑💎 @offsetyrn 🔥🔥

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Offset commissioned an iced-out Freakazoid charm inspired by the late ’90s cartoon character of the same name. The jeweler is also responsible for at least some of Migos’ YRN charms, a few “Culture” charms and a custom, diamond “Offset” piece.


Quavo Ratatouille 💎

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However, the highlight of any Migos chain stunting may be Quavo translating his bars from “Bad And Boujee” about whipping work like the Disney-Pixar character Ratatouille into an actual piece of jewelry. Quavo managed to pull off a diamond-studded, chain-wearing replica of himself wearing a chef’s hat, holding a rat.

As it relates to any jewelry-related boasts found on Migos rhymes such as Gucci Mane’s “Met Gala” or the trio’s own “T-Shirt,” it would seem art imitates life for Takeoff, Quavo and Offset.