The singer is acutely aware that keeping a disconnect from your fans can be one of the biggest mistakes an artist can make. Lloyd knows the feeling of going from being surrounded by people you’re sharing the experience of fame with, to being completely isolated from everyone. “You get to a place where you can afford the gated community, you can afford the guards and the security, you can afford the agents and managers to be a buffer between you and the things that make you uncomfortable,” he says. But he recognises that the majority of people that are listening to this music don't have those luxuries. “They have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable a lot of times. And I think that that's really what artists are kind of searching for as well; is to be in that with the people, with their people.”

Taking that leap, and baring his soul wasn’t an easy process though. “I was hesitant, and I was anxious because I didn't know where 'Tru' was going to survive on the radio,” he says. But in the age of streaming, there was a whole new challenge on the horizon that he wasn’t sure he was prepared for – on top of the stress of laying his soul bare. Even so, with a quick look at his Spotify streams, you’ll see that his biggest single ‘Dedication To My Ex’, a worldwide radio smash, sits at just over 20 million plays.

And yet ‘Tru’, a song he released independently, clocks in at almost 22 million. It makes a case that an artist can take risks and still have things pay off if they can engage their core audience in exactly the right way. “It makes you want to do more like that, it makes you want to give more of yourself, it makes you want to represent something that is not so selfish in nature,” Lloyd reflects. “It showed me that when you put feeling into things, people will respond. They will identify, and they will champion it, they will respect you more for it, and they'll feel like you respect them in return.”