Watch Lil Yachty Struggle to Rank Drake's Albums

Lil Yachty attempted to rank all of Drake's albums, and the result was this hilarious video.

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Arbitrary though it may be, there is nothing people like to do more than to argue about rankings with people on the internet. Whether you're discussing the greatest NBA players ever or what the best Kanye West song is, nobody can resist sounding off on who and what is best.

Not everyone is forceful with their opinions, though. During a sit-down with the folks at Montreality, Lil Yachty was asked to rank his favorite Drake projects in order. After quickly deciding on a definitive No. 1—spoiler alert, it's Take Care—Yachty tried and failed several different times to put together a comprehensive list of his favorite Drake projects.

Part of the problem here is it looks like Yachty keeps suddenly remembering there are other projects he forgot about. He never really gets around to ranking More Life, and by the time he remembers So Far Gone exists, he re-ranks Thank Me Later despite already claiming it would be No. 3 on his list. I know it's a struggle to parse through Drake albums, especially because how you value them can change based on the mood you're in, but come on, man!

Elsewhere during the conversation, Yachty discussed his admiration for Kendrick Lamar. Despite the two being in very different lanes with their music, Yachty says he has a lot of respect for Lamar after sitting down and talking to him, and claims the Compton rapper is happy to show love and appreciation despite their differences.

"Talented bro, and he understands all eras," he said. "He understood me bro, I would've never expected him to fuckin' get me. But he gets me, he understands me, he knows what I like, he gets what I do. Kendrick just like, he gets all eras bro, and then he dominates what he does. He spits, he dominates that shit ... He respects everything, I fuck with Kendrick."

I don't think you should prepare for a Kendrick-Yachty mixtape any time soon, but it's cool they're able to respect one another despite their wildly different goals. You can catch the full interview with Montreality up top, with Yachty's hilarious attempt to rank Drake albums starting around the 6:11 mark. 

For what it's worth, here's our ranking.


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