Rockie Fresh is a Chicago native and has lived all over the city. And just because he’s blown up in the past few years, that doesn’t mean the Maybach Music artist has abandoned his hometown to head to one of the coasts. Nope, Rockie’s still right here, kicking it like he’s always done. 

It’s no secret that Chicago is a diverse city, and it is from that amalgam of cultures that Rockie derives his own unique style. Complex News recently headed to the Windy City, where host Natasha Martinez got a chance to talk with Rockie about everything in Chicago that helps keep him inspired and engaged. The two headed into the studio to meet up with some of Rockie’s closest collaborators before hitting up some of the city’s more cultural hotspots, like the Fat Tiger Workshop and Thalia Hall.

You can see more of Complex News’s time in Chicago, courtesy of Rockie Fresh and his crew, in the video above.