With his self-titled debut album just weeks away, producer Mura Masa has released a highly anticipated collaboration. "All Around the World" features Masa teaming up with Desiigner for a song that brings out the best in both talents.

The producer spoke to Complex about coming up with the track. He told us that Desiigner's initial ideas were very different than the final product. 

I like to think I pulled a very good song out of him. Originally we sent him the beat and he kind of sent it back. I think he thought it was an EDM thing and he sort of had to do ad-libs over it. There were no verses. There were no lyrics. It was just him (mimics Desiigner ad-libs). I kind of had to dialogue with him, just carefully kind of persuade him in a traditional structure that he doesn’t really do.

"All Around the World" is the third taste of Masa's album, following "1 Night" with Charli XCX and "Firefly" featuring Nao.

You can check out the video for "All Around the World" above.