This song has become divisive and, in some ways, that's no surprise. Katy Perry sucks. In just my limited awareness of her personality and persona; highly believable allegations of casual n-bomb dropping surfaced recently and reflect a long history of her carelessness regarding race. The tide seems to be turning against her also because of a shake-up on her creative squad; she's working with new people, and single "Chained to the Rhythm"—which debuted in the top ten—fell quickly off the charts. This song, meanwhile, only debuted in the 70s on the Hot 100. Bad sign.

And yet. "Bon Appetit" is kind of banging. Many of my friends disagree, and it's hard to fight for a song from an unliked lame whose star is falling and doesn't seem to even have the people behind her—at least yet. But when it comes to Rhythmic Radio crossover jams, which increasingly flirt with R&B/hip-hop (see also Calvin Harris' "Slide" with Frank Ocean and the Migos) could do a whole lot worse. The lyrics are corny, sure, but so were the lyrics on "California Girls," a song with huge potential for vivid imagery and memorable SoCal touchpoints that stuck to banal observations about "bikinis on top." The Migos sound great here, the beat is bright and upbeat, the melody is memorable—I can't think of a reason why this song doesn't deserve to be big, in spite of everything working against it.

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