Westside Parle is the latest on a growing list of NYC MCs looking to make a splash. Hailing from the Highbridge section of the Bronx (the same hood his friends and peers A Boogie and Don Q are from), Parle harkens back to yesterday's lyrical sharpness with today's melodic riffs that will croon your lady right into his hands.

A stint in jail gave him time to come up with a plan and construct his distinct sound. His crew A.F.A.S (Art For Art Sake) is made up of 6ix7, Mary Jane, and Sha Bussin, who all have moments on his upcoming project Heart of the Hallway so fans get a taste of what they can bring to the table. Westside Parle gave us a couple quotes about the song and the forthcoming tape below:

"It's simply a metaphor for the feeling and presence that Young Jeezy gave the game when he debuted his Thug Motivation LP in 2006. The sound and lifestyle he presented was completely from the norm of what we have seen or heard before. With the record, '06 Jeezy,' I'm directly talking to past and present females in life and letting them know..."look I came from the bottom with nothing, but tonight, you better treat me with the same energy they treated Jeezy with in '06. This song is all about the level up and motivation to feel good but at the same time remembering who was there for you when you was trapping out them hallways. This song ties into my upcoming project called Heart of the Hallway due for release very soon."

Be sure to follow Westside on IG and check the audio version of "'06 Jeezy" on his SoundCloud.