A long weekend is already a blessing, but Speng Squire just made our Easter by dropping off his debut project, Expressions of Now. The impressive nine-track project is a strong "I'm here" statement from the 20-year-old Montrealer; while his city has traditionally been known as a hotbed for DJs and producers, Squire is part of a new wave of artists from Canada's Sin City commanding attention. 

The majority of the production on Expressions of Now is handled by DRTWRK, with Rich Kidd, Margaret Backwoods, Nuthin But Hits LLC and Grammy-nominated Sevn Thomas also contributing their talents. The album is void of features with the exception of a guest appearance from frequent collaborator CJ Flemings, allowing Squire's rapid-fire raps (see "Still Do" if you're looking for proof that this kid can spit) and laid-back hooks ("Ways" is a personal favourite) take centre stage. 

Expressions of Now is available on all streaming platforms now, just in time for you to leave it on replay for the entire long weekend. Hit the Spotify link below.