Expectations have always been high for Kendrick Lamar’s fourth studio album; however, the anticipation skyrocketed immediately after he dropped the project’s incendiary lead single “Humble.” The visuals were incredible, the rhymes were on point, and the Mike Will Made-It production was fire. The track made it clear Kendrick had something great in store and tonight, the Compton rapper finally lifted the curtain.

We’re sure the majority of you played Damn as soon as it rolled out on streaming services; but just like with most initial listens, there were probably some elements you missed. Below, we’ve listed several key moments from Damn that might’ve gone unnoticed during the first go-around—just a few things to look out for during your next replay.

  • Before Kendrick dropped “Humble,” he blessed his fans with “The Heart Part 4.” Though the single wasn’t included on Damn, one of its several beats did make an appearance. You can hear The Alchemist-produced beat on Damn’s “Fear."
  • On Damn’s first track, “Blood,” Kendrick begins his first verse with: “So I was taking a walk the other day.” That line is also the last in the album’s closing track “Duckworth.” It’s subtle but effective full-circle moment.
  • The legendary DJ Kid Capri makes a few cameos on the album. You can hear him drop bombs in the "Element," "Love," and "Duckworth" tracks. 
  • In the closing cut, "Duckworth," Kendrick tells a story about how his father, Kenneth Duckworth, was almost killed by Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony Tiffith. Their run-in is said to have occurred when Kendrick was just a kid.
  • Kendrick makes a Jay Z reference in "Loyalty," when he raps: "It's a secret society/All we ask is trust." Hova raps those lyrics in "Get Your Mind Right Miami" from the 2000 album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.
  • On "Fear," Kendrick takes vicious shots at Rihanna's former accountant Peter Gounis. Ri-ri claims Gounis gave her such bad advice that she nearly went broke. She sued him and won millions.