Growing up, the World Wrestling Federation (which is now known as the WWE, because lawsuits) would hold their Survivor Series pay-per-view every November; it was the Thanksgiving tradition. The key to this show in particular was their traditional "Survivor Series match," which was essentially an eight-man elimination tag team match, pitting two groups of four against each other. Sometimes they'd take two tag teams and put them together against two other tag teams that they had beef with, and it would be amazing. So amazing that when I see the above picture of André 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast chilling with Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels, I have to wonder: "what rap duos could handle Outkast and RTJ in a Survivor Series rap challenge?"

The answer is no one.

While there's no real context behind the photo, the internets has gone nuts with hopes of Outkast the Jewels being some kind of thing.



Although this individual does bring up a good point.

I actually remember being on a lunch trip with the Pigeons & Planes squad when Run the Jewels dropped their Big Boi-featured "Banana Clipper" from the first Run the Jewels album back in 2013. Big Boi also had Killer Mike (and Jeezy) on his new Boomiverse track "Kill Jill," but real heads will remember that Killer Mike came up through Big Boi's Purple Ribbon imprint before going solo. There's history between those two, and with them still being down enough to work on new material in 2017? Maybe it's time for this to be a thing.

And truth be told, it might make the most sense to have this become a thing right now, especially for Three Stacks. Fans have been dying for new André material, and while his feature game is ALWAYS on point, there's something blocking him from working on new Outkast material or new solo work. Maybe Outkast the Jewels being a thing could mean that André could share the load amongst three other MCs, as well as a producer of the caliber of El-P.

Maybe this is just a reach. Yeah, it's no doubt a reach. But we're in a situation where we have Nas and DJ Shadow making tracks together (which never thought I'd see as a CD-copping teen); maybe Outkast the Jewels should become a thing. Even if it's just for one song... although if you told me they had an EP sitting out there, I'd save all of the money to cop. Just saying. Make my 2017 Survivor Series of Rap shoe-in squad a thing.