French Montana has addressed the criticism surrounding his "crusty dusty rusty ass hoe [sic]" tweet. Montana had initially defended the comments, in which he also called a black woman's hair "nappy," in subsequent tweets about his family history. As the controversy continued, Montana called in to the Breakfast Club Thursday in an effort to explain himself further.

"I'm not from the era where anybody say something and you don't say nothing back," Montana said Thursday. Addressing his decision to use "nappy" as an insult, Montana said he wasn't addressing multiple people with the remarks. "I said that to her," Montana said. "I didn't say that to [every black woman]. I love my Queens, you know what I'm saying? But I just, you know, I can't take it when somebody tries to come at me, and then I clap back."

Montana also took issue with the racism accusations. "I don't know why they turned it to, like, a racist thing," he said. "There's other things to worry about that’s really racist out here in this country. I'm just defending myself. You can't defend yourself out here no more?" Speaking again on his use of the word "nappy," Montana said: "I ain't know 'nappy' was a racist word."

Earlier Thursday, Montana addressed the criticism on Twitter: