We’re not even half way through the year, but many of music’s biggest stars -- from Drake to Future to Rick Ross to Big Sean to Kendrick Lamar and more -- have already dropped projects in 2017. So this week, “Complex Live” brings on Complex’s Jinx and Ross Scarano to join hosts Nadeska Alexis and Speedy Morman to debate the year’s best so far.

We also hit the Museum of Sex with rapper, actor and comedian Awkafina, to hear about her starring role in “Ocean’s 8” alongside people like Rihanna and Mindy Kaling, and her go90 talk show, “Tawk.” Then, we head to Yonkers to find out how singer Stanaj went from an unknown to playing alongside Drake and Chris Brown, all before signing his record contract.

Plus, we’re joined in studio by 11-year-old “black-ish” star Miles Brown, to hear about the pint-sized actors big dreams, what life’s like on set, and how it feels to be cool with LeBron James.

And our performance this week comes from Washington D.C. native Kamau, who teams with Nko Kheli for an explosively energetic performance of “GRā.” 

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