Quinn XCII knows how to make a quality pop record with honesty, and that's evident on "Make Time." The record features an infectious backdrop that blends nicely with his smooth vocals as the Detroit representative paints a picture about dealing with living the artist lifestyle.

"'Make Time' is about the challenges of balancing family and friends with music, touring, and living so far from home," Quinn told Complex via email. "Writing this song felt so natural because it's something I'm experiencing at this very moment in life. I write a lot about past experiences and storytelling from other perspectives, so when I have the chance to talk about something I'm currently going through, it feels especially personal and special."

Check out Ayokay-produced "Make Time" above and grab the song on iTunes Friday. Quinn XCII is currently on his One Day at a Time Tour with scheduled stops in New York, Michigan, and Ohio. For full show dates and tickets visit here.