Towards the end of 2015, we put together a list of MCs outside of London that deserve more attention. Pretty much everyone on that list has gone on to do big things, and that's exactly what happened with Rawkid. The Sheffield rapper's name has been on a lot of people's lips these past couple of years. His latest project, "Nine + 1", is a collaboration with fellow Steel City boy Walter Ego that features booming 808s and chrome-covered synths. Over that, Rawkid handles the bulk of the vocals with his instantly recognisable flow, before Trim steps in to spray all kinds of mischief into the mic. Rawkid's truly unforgettable style and Walter Ego's track record for adventurous club productions have given us a partnership we really need to hear more from.

"Nine + 1" drops March 17 via Bad Taste Records.

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