Having existed on the underground rap circuit for a number of years now, Denzel Himself is now showing promising signs that he's managed to piece together the elements of his artistry, with a debut EP in Pleasure "on the way soon." With last month's "Thrasher" the easiest intro for new listener's towards Denzel's off-kilter rhyme style, it featured moments of playful wit, combined with fleeting spots of the grim and macabre.

Today, unveiling another visual taken from the upcoming 10-tracker, we see two wildly different shots: "State Ya Claim" and "Cherry" (both produced by Denzel, himself). With the opener receiving an irreverent throwback style visual, it then neatly switches into a fitting red-scale shot for "Cherry". Speaking to Complex over email, Denzel lifted the lid on his directorial aims: "With 'State Ya Claim', I just wanted to see beautiful, interesting black people in cinema. A lot of music videos I see have fast cuts and edits, but as a director, I'm drawn towards long one-shots. I feel that it allows you to analyse and really immerse yourself in the raw essence of a human being." 

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