Another week, another Kendrick Lamar clap at Big Sean? Last night, Kendrick released "Humble" and it didn't take long for Rap Twitter to point out the subliminal dots K-Dot is—allegedly—putting on Big Sean's forehead. Released a week after fans felt Lamar was spitting directly at Big Sean on "The Heart Part 4," one wonders, is Big Sean going to respond?

Figuring out how to combat anyone taking shots at you requires careful consideration. Do you endanger your career by clapping at one of the greatest right now, and possibly of all time? On the one hand, many would argue that Sean's been throwing shots Kendrick's way for the last few years. But now that Kendrick has taken the bait and is throwing down the gauntlet, Sean has no choice but respond, right? Let's break down the various paths open to Sean.

Say nothing

This would be the easiest thing to do. Nothing. And that could be a decent course of action, especially if he's on some "but I wasn't even talking about you, Kendrick!" shit. Maybe he decides that his arms are too short to box with the lyrical god after all, and decides to sit this one out, hoping that K-Dot will move on.

This is hip-hop, though; you can't be on the sidelines, especially if you're professing to be one of the best to ever do it right now. So maybe he'll just...

Drop another subliminal

This is the safest option. It's been alleged for years that, post-"Control," Sean's been letting subtle disses fly, especially when he talks about this unnamed someone being "the savior of rap."

One has to imagine that, whenever Big Sean starts working on new material or is itching to get a freestyle or track out, there might be a line tucked in for Kendrick, and we'll continue on this "is he or isn't he" ride until...

He actually names Kendrick in a verse

If Big Sean wants to set himself apart from the rest, he needs to call Kendrick out by name. At the very least, anyone who doubted Big Sean would respect that.

The problem? Sean better come correct. If he does decide to check Kendrick like that, the diss better be the best shit he's ever written. There's no room for error; do you remember how Twitter roasted Meek Mill when he finally responded to Drake? Big Sean might catch the online ethering of his lifetime if he bricks the proper diss.

That said, if Sean does clap back at Kendrick, he should do it over a Mike Will Made-It beat. Why? Well, Sean was featured on the opening track on Mike's Ransom 2, and Mike also produced Kendrick's "Humble." It'd be 1) a dope parallel while 2) also being petty as hell. I'm here for it. Or Sean could just...

Engage Twitter fingers

If worst comes to worst, and Big Sean is tired of Kendrick, Rap Twitter, and everyone talking about this "beef," he could just get lit off the Henny and tweet into his feelings. I'd suggest not doing this, but it's an option.

See, it's one of those things where the immediate benefits of unleashing all of that frustration would be good... for Sean. It's when you can't take those tweets back, and end up tweeting some shit you don't really want out in the public... that's when you have issues. And truth be told, you'd be giving Kendrick the cheat sheet on your insecurities, which feels like the wrong move.

Your next move should always be your best move, but if this Kendrick/Big Sean beef turns official, Sean's in a real pickle. We're not saying he has to react (or not react—or just tweet about it) right away—if he chooses to clap back, he better come correct. Anything less and shit might get way worse for Sean.