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Admit it, you have celebrity "friend" crushes. That one star who you know if you ever got the chance to meet that you'd become immediate BFFs with. You imagine scenarios where you're getting sushi, sitting courtside at Lakers games, and helping them slip past paparazzi. While we're sitting around daydreaming about Lena Dunham (pre Odell Beckham Jr. comment), Chelsea Handler and Tom Hardy, Tinashe is out there singing karaoke with her biggest fan. 

Wondering how that happened? Community's Joel McHale teamed up with Sony Music Entertainment to give us what we've all been dreaming about—a chance to chill with our favorite celebrities. 'Crashed' is a new level of reality TV from Complex Networks and go90, where superfans are surprised by their celebrity friend crush—or actual crush (just don't make it creepy). The latest episode features the gorgeous and talented Tinashe as she crashes one lucky girl's karaoke night. It's one of those shows where no matter how much you like or dislike the celebrity, you're awkwardly crying at your desk watching them meet their biggest fan. It's just one of those things....

If you're in the mood for some emotional celebrity moments, check out go90 for more episodes of 'Crashed,' featuring Dance Moms and All Time Low