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Chance the Rapper did a lengthy interview for Power92Chicago on Thursday afternoon, where he covered a wide ranged of topics over the course of the lengthy minute conversation.

One of the things that Chance discussed was that he was going to put Future on "No Problem," and that he got the idea to put 2 Chainz on the track after hearing a (correct) rumor that 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne were going to be working on a project together:

While that's a nice little snippet, it's not nearly enough to cover a half-hour. And so here's some of the other stuff he touched on during his extended chat, hopefully without giving you too much that you won't be tempted to listen to it for yourself.

He had extended praise for Kanye West, and said that the greatest all-time Kanye moment was his interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, before pulling an audible and switching that choice to Kanye saying George W. Bush doesn't care about black people. He also said that if Kanye were to follow through on his babbling promise to run for president (which Chance concedes he won't) the best cabinet position for him would be heading up the Department of Education.

He also called Barack Obama the most historic black figure, told the story about how he played an improvised show for the former president at Obama's urging, labeled Jay-Z and Lil Wayne the greatest rappers of all-time, said that guy pointing at his head was his favorite meme, said his favorite DJ Khaled phrase is "you smart," talked about his daughter (and said she might be a sports star someday), talked about what he doesn't like about photo-shoots, and called this the best turn-up song.

Watch the interview in its entirety above. Seems like it's perfect for medium-length commutes.