The shoot for Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” music video sounds like it was a complete shit show: Cops threaten to shut down production, lawyers had to intervene, and Thugger, who showed up 10 hours late, refused to film a single scene. But rather than scrap the project, the minds at Pomp & Clout delivered an incredibly creative and hilarious masterpiece.

The video begins with a written message by co-director Ryan Staake, who states the following visual was based entirely on Thug’s vision. Well, not entirely. Like we said, Thug refused to film so he only appears in the video for a few seconds. (The footage featuring the Atlanta rapper was submitted by him two months after the visual was filmed.)

Again, it sounds like a mess, but the execution is next level. The video is broken up with written commentary for each scene; and in some cases, we see the props and actions change according to the decisions made behind the scenes. Trust us, it’s much more entertaining than it sounds.

Check out the video for the Jeffery track above.