Another day, another example of Soulja Boy wilding out. The latest instance features the rapper taking some unexpected shots at Kanye West in a new interview with Hypebeast. "They say I got the most swag in the rap game though. I don't really see nobody being fresher than me. I know they be on Kanye's dick and shit," Soulja said. "I don't know. I feel like I got more swag than everybody though because I'm younger. He's old."


While Soulja is indeed younger than Kanye, it's hard to really argue what he's saying. Seeing that Kanye doesn't take the fashion game as a joke, he probably won't take kindly to Big Soulja's comments. Of course, Soulja didn't just go at Kanye, but also sent numerous shots at Chris Brown and Mike Tyson throughout the interview, which you can watch above.

If you missed it, Soulja dropped a diss song aimed at Breezy and 50 Cent over the weekend, which nobody has yet to respond to. You can listen here. As far as a 'Ye response, it's unlikely, but possible. We'll keep you posted and what comes next in the saga of Soulja Boy. 

On a related note, Soulja revealed the title for his next album will be Draco and its expected release date is Feb. 21.