Bleeding edge club and electronica label Astral Black have just dropped a new release that looks set to live up to the reputation created by past releases from the likes of JD. Reid & ItsNate, Slugabed, and Ed Scissor. Royal Blud is the new five-track collaborative project from Leicester MC Kamakaze, and Massappealsa producer with an impressive strike rate. On EP highlight "Wifey", the rapid-fire flow we saw in Kam's freestylesas well as bangers like "Pull Up" and "Year Of The Kamdog"have this time been paired with a minimal, but bouncy and colourful, beat from Massappeals.

Lyrically, the subject matter's a little different from what we're used to, with a classic story of being driven mad by someone sending mixed signals and, as the emcee puts it, the "frustration of those situations." Maybe it's because it's a tune Kamakaze wrote a while ago, but we're definitely presented with a different side to the hotly-tipped rhymer. Get into the R&G vibes of "Wifey" below. The Royal Blud EP is out right now.