Reddit touts itself as the world’s largest gift exchange, with users from over 150 countries participating in the 2015 version of the RedditGifts “Secret Santa” exchange. Celebrities such as former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have been known to lurk and secretly participate in the popular forum, and this year Snoop Dogg has added himself to the list of down low Reddit celebrities. While Snoop has been pushing his branded Snoop Dogg Slippers and Louie the 13th pre-rolled cigarettes, he slid in the 2016 Secret Santa to bless one Reddit user with a ton of other merch.

Erin (who boasts the hilarious Reddit username “Queenoftitsandwine”) uploaded her collection of gifts from Snoop after discovering who her Secret Santa was via the handwritten note accompanying her gifts.

“Even a Bo$$ lady like you need to kicc bacc and relax sometimes,” Snoop wrote. “Hope you like these goodies I chose for you.”

The goodies consisted of the aforementioned Snoop Dogg slippers, a drone, some Broadus Family baby powder, green pomegranate tea, and a Snoop Dogg millionaire t-shirt.

Former Microsoft magnate Bill Gates has reportedly jumped in on a Reddit Secret Santa exchange before, and he was back for another round this year. Gates gave Reddit user “Aerrix” Zelda gloves as well as a matching pair for her dog Claire. He also included a personalized card, an XBox One Minecraft Edition, and a cookbook in the haul. 

Unfortunately, you can’t join in this year, as the cutoff period for the Secret Santa exchange was Nov. 29. This might be a good time to mark your respective calendars for 2017 and set aside that suggested gift amount of $20. You can register, and find out all the details to participate over at Reddit.