Hip-Hop producer Mike Dean is calling out rappers with his latest question. He asked his Twitter followers point blank Monday night, "Why do artists who are lacking always make a diss song just before their LP comes out??"

The internet response was immediate with his followers instantly speculating he was referring to J. Cole's recently released "False Prophets," which many assumed was aimed at Kanye West, days before his new album 4 Your Eyez Only is set to drop.

Dean couldn't ignore the swift influx of responses and took to Twitter to clarify his statement by pointing out multiple cases of this scenario happening in the past. "Soulja Boy Quavo apex twin kanye it goes on and on 50 cent kanye," he wrote. "I was not pointing at any one person calm down u hype beasts!"

Obviously, fans of hip-hop know that Mike Dean and Kanye West have a relationship with Dean contributing to multiple 'Ye albums in one way or another. That known history might've inspired fans to assume he was referencing J. Cole in defense of Kanye, although Dean does mention other times diss tracks have come out ahead of an album.