Funkmaster Flex just wants to move on from his beef with Lil Yachty. The radio host hopped on Facebook early Tuesday morning with a message for the 19-year-old rapper he had previously dissed.

"My brother @lilyachty it's love... let's move on...," Flex began. " #NotoriousBig thing took me to a bad place... I'm sure you would want us to respect who you grew up listening to... just asking u to respect the B.I.G."

The message also directly addressed Funk Flex's claim that Yachty doesn't have bars. "I'm not saying you craft is bad... bars is equal ( not less than your craft ) I wish u more success but just ask u to do a litte homework... I'm guilty myself about saying things about PAC I maybe should have said but I did learn from my experience.... I see u not taking it personal so I won't also... love... we move forward," he wrote.

If you've been keeping your distance from this saga, you should know that Flex interrupted a freestyle to go on a rant about both Bow Wow and Lil Yachty last week. "That's called motherfuckin' bars, n*gga! You know nothing about that! You know why!? Because you a mumble rapper Bow Wow! A mumble rapper! Lil Yachty, you dont want nothing too!" he yelled on his show. Twitter pretty much lost it because the whole thing was caught on video and it quickly made its rounds across the internet. He also challenged Yachty to a rap battle against Murda Mook.

Yachty clapped back at the criticism with a pretty lax response about enjoying his life and "countin' up my change." He went on to add that "none of this is that serious to me" before flexing about his streaming and sales numbers. "It's easy to write a verse but how easy is it to make a stamp on the culture?"

That's when Flex tried to get the last word in, but Yachty shut it down by asking Flex to stop comparing all rappers. "I'm not Dave East...I'm Yachty...The Grammy-nominated, Sprite-endorsing, Nautica creative director 19-year-old millionaire mumble rapper."

It seems Flex is finally down to put this to bed. You can read Funk Flex's entire Facebook message to Lil Yachty below.