Earlier this month, Soulja Boy sent out a series of now-deleted tweets in which he put a $10,000 bounty on a Chicago rapper’s head. Though he didn’t drop any names at the time, many people suspected the threats were targeted at Rico Recklezz, who had previously released a SB diss track. Now, just weeks after he made the death threats, it appears the “Crank That” rapper has had a change of heart.

In a new video posted by WorldStarHipHop, a member of Rico’s crew apparently FaceTimed SB to address the recent beef. But rather than try to squash it, the caller gives SB a taste of his own medicine and goes on to threaten 26-year-old if he doesn’t stop.

“We ain’t going to do the threats […] Don’t ever think you can put no money on no nigga’s head from Chicago, nigga, because it ain’t about no money down here,” the caller can be heard saying. “It’s easy to find you, blood. And you see you ain’t hard to find, nigga. Period […] Bro, don’t say nothing about my shorty, bro. Period.”

Soulja attempted to calm the caller down by insisting the death threats were not about Rico; however, he did say that Rico has been blasting him on the internet as well as in songs.

“He put my name in the songs, bro,” Soulja said. “Them tweets weren’t even about him, you feel me. […] I’m on paperwork right now, you dig? So we don’t even play those types of games. Ain’t nobody going put no money on nobody’s head, none of that bro. A nigga just need to holler at me. I need me and him to talk, feel me.”

The caller then says that once he gets back to Chicago, he’ll relay the message to Rico. But until then, he demanded Soulja to “cease the bullshit, especially the threats.”

You can watch the full video above.

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