Lil Yachty and Ebro Darden have quite a history. It’s the classic case of the old guard versus the new generation, but it looks they want to let bygones be bygones for the greater good. The pair are ready to bridge the gap in their latest sit down on Beats 1.

Yachty and Ebro discuss everything from Yachty’s fans going in at Ebro for hating younger rappers to the term "mumble rap." If you’re a diehard follower of Yachty, this is one interview you need to tune in.

The Atlanta upstart has consistently labeled himself anything but a rapper. In June, that was put to the test when Yachty attempted to freestyle over classic hip-hop beats. When it didn’t meet up to the standards of Ebro, the DJ called Yachty out for having weak bars. This sparked Yachty to prove himself on his new mixtape, Summer Songs 2. That tape featured a track called “For Hot 97,” which was his version of a freestyle with disses directed at Ebro and the New York radio station.

Yachty addressed the Notorious B.I.G. controversy head on: "Now I know how touchy the Biggie situation is. I didn't know. I apologize. I wasn't disrespecting."

During the conversation, Yachty also said he didn't take Shia LaBeouf's freestyle seriously. If you remember, Shia went on Sway in the Morning and delivered a 5 Fingers of Death freestyle that included what sounded like a jab at Yachty: "Where'd the spitters go?/Garbage litter shit they wrote/Miss me with that lil boat."

Yachty and Ebro are polar opposites, so it’s good to see that they are settling their differences on a platform for the world to hear. You can listen to them chat live here or check out the full interview below along with the debut of Yachty's new song "Judgement Free."

"It took me a long time to accept and call my music hip hop. I hate that mumble rap title." - @lilyachty

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) November 28, 2016

"Up until 2-3 weeks ago I never listened to every Biggie song." - @lilyachty

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) November 28, 2016

"I'm busy. I'll get around to it." - @lilyachty on not listening to @2pac records yet.

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) November 28, 2016

"Now I know how touchy the Biggie situation is. I didn't know. I apologize. I wasn't disrespecting." - @lilyachty with @oldmanebro

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) November 29, 2016

Near the end of the interview, Lil Yachty decided to show off his freestyle skills over Craig Mack's "Flava in Ya Ear."

The two-minute lyrical showcase included a playful knock on Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex ("Funkmaster Flex, please stop talking 'bout me/Unless you finna play my songs then don't talk about me/"Old man here's a bar/I hope you fall into a hole where there's no sun or stars) and Yachty also kept it real about his drive ("All I care about is feeding my family and gettin' out of that Camry"). You can watch his freestyle below.