Los Angeles-based producer Kingdom is preparing to release his debut album Tears in the Club, which is set to feature SZA, Najee Daniels, Shacar, and Syd from the Internet.

Tears in the Club will offer two mixes of “Nothin.” The original is more fit for the West Coast, with a dreamy backdrop that Syd absolutely floats over. The club mix has an upbeat tone—something that sounds right out of the ’90s with it’s deep bass and vintage synths.

Kingdom’s Tears in the Club has been three years in the making. The LP is entirely self-recorded and mixed, and it's right in line sonically with his previous releases on Fool’s Gold, Night Slugs, and his own imprint Fade to Mind. The project is described as "an 11-track collection of left-field pop songs" and the most complete vision yet of "his club R&B microverse." Aside from Kingdom's mastering the craft of easygoing R&B and sample-driven DIY production, listeners will be taken through a "simultaneously erotic, melancholy, and resilient" experience.

You can listen to both versions of “Nothin” below, and look out for more releases from Kingdom as we approach his February 24, 2017 release date.