John Mayer has been on hiatus from his solo career since the release of his last album Paradise Valley in 2013—instead choosing to tour with the Dead & Company—but the drought is finally over. Mayer premiered his new single "Love on the Weekend" Thursday, a soft rock track right in his musical sweet spot. "It's a Friday, we finally made it/I can't believe I get to see your face," he sings as the song begins. "You've been working and I've been waiting/To pick you up and take you from this place."

"Love on the Weekend" is the first look at Mayer's upcoming album. Although he hasn't released much information about it yet—we're still without a release date—his drummer Steven Jordan accidentally revealed in a recent Entertainment Tonight interview that it would be titled The Search for Everything. This will be his seventh studio album.

He also answered questions about touring, his writing process, and his upcoming album during a Facebook Live broadcast, which you can watch below. 

Mayer also previewed a short clip of a new song on his Instagram story recently, as Variance pointed out. Fans should be excited that Mayer is finally back to releasing new music after several years without. Even fellow chart topper Shawn Mendes tweeted his excitement about the new song.

He even showed off a shirt inspired by the song on Instagram.

You can listen to John Mayer's new single "Love on the Weekend" below via Spotify.