We are just 10 days away from the presidential election finally coming to a close with both candidates doing all that they can to get out the vote for their side. On Saturday, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton found herself in the key swing state of Florida, where she received a huge endorsement from none other than Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony. 

J Lo was headlining a free concert for the Clinton at the Miami Bayfront Park performing "Let's Get Loud" when told the crowd that, "We’re at a crossroads, and we have to take the right road to the future, and we have the perfect person to take us there." After that she said, "We're about to have our first woman president, and it is my honor to introduce her to you tonight." Hillary then appeared onstage and gave Lopez a big hug before addressing the crowd about the historic nature of this election and the importance of voting.

J Lo is the latest in a string of celebrities flocking to support Clinton's candidacy in the days leading up to Nov. 8. Recently, Miley Cyrus knocked on dorm room doors in Virginia, Katy Perry shot a hilarious Funny or Die video urging people to vote, and Jay Z has announced a special, free "Get Out The Vote" concert just outside of Cleveland, OH on Nov. 4 with a number of "special guests."

Check out the video of the moment when Jenny From the Block brings out Clinton in the video above.