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Apple Music shared the full version of Mary J. Blige's 30-minute chat with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Friday, following a week of memes and controversy spurred by the interview's promos that aired during the debate. "What inspires me most about Secretary Clinton is the fact that she's a woman, and she's running for president," Blige said when introducing Clinton, her first interviewee on her new talk show The 411. As teased earlier this week, Blige and Clinton then discussed everything from voters' perception of Clinton to the ongoing police brutality crisis.

According to Clinton, some of the "misperception" about her among undecided voters has been manufactured. "I think I've always been the same person," Clinton said. "I do believe that when you're in the public eye, whether it's in entertainment or it's in politics, you do have the challenge of presenting yourself and having people perceive you as who you think you are. So for me, I've always been someone who feels very blessed, very fortunate. I have a very supportive upbringing and family and my faith has guided and lifted me up over the years. I've been given the honor of trying to help people and serve people."

After singing a bit of Bruce Springsteen's "American Skin," Blige then asked Clinton to explain "where we go from here" in terms of police brutality. "I have been so heartbroken over what's been going on because it's fundamentally at odds with and wrong that African American parents have to sit their children down and deliver the message that you just sang," Clinton said. "And yet we still have so many terrible deaths, some at the hands of police, many at the hands of others, like Trayvon Martin." Clinton insisted that American must embrace a "greater opening of our hearts" to each other, particularly white people who aren't yet "part of the solution."

Overwhelmed about the issues surrounding the presidential election? Please consult our election survival guide and make sure you're registered to vote in time to make your voice heard this November.