For his latest album, Irish indie singer James Vincent McMorrow enlisted some serious names to help him out with production. He worked alongside Nineteen85, the man behind the boards for songs like "Hold On, We're Going Home" and "Hotline Bling," and one half of dvsn, and Frank Dukes, who's best known for working with Kanye, Rihanna, and Travis Scott, to get We Move—his third record—an experimental hip-hop sound and some serious critical acclaim. Now, he's added another producer to the roster: AK Paul, brother to the reclusive Jai Paul and rising star in his own right. 

McMorrow reached out to Paul, in part because "Landcruisin'" was, in his words, "a huge record." He sent him "Rising Water," the lead single from We Move, to see if Paul could provide his own twist on the material. "I'm a big fan, so when he got in touch to say that he liked the track and was interested in trying a remix it was something I was 100% into," McMorrow wrote in a statement provided to Complex. "He said to me after it was done that he's never done something like this before, lifted an entire vocal from an already written and produced song and then flipped the chord structure and premise of the song." 

The results, however unexpected, are fantastic, turning the basic premise of the track on its head and, in the process, becoming something that works completely on its own terms. "He nailed it, it's gone from being this propulsive new wave energy to a much more laid back rhythm, the vocal lands totally different, it's beautifully done," said McMorrow.