Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex took to the airwaves yesterday to respond to Drake's initial attack at him during a gig at Madison Square Garden in New York where he told the story behind the infamous BlackBerry footage. Not one to take a dig lying down, Drizzy wasted little time in his clap back to Flex during an appearance at Space Ibiza after his third MSG Summer Sixteen Tour show last night.

Addressing the small club crowd, Drake shouted out all the local NYC DJ's for keeping New York music alive while taking a subliminal shot at those who only pretend to. "By keeping New York music alive, I don't mean going and playing the songs four weeks late and s--t trying to sound cool, late night, primetime on the radio, seven to nine o' clock talking all that bullshit," Drake said. "Shout out to the real DJs who know real music and shit like that. Shout out to New York City. It's love, you already know."


#Drake sends more shots at #FunkFlex

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For those outside of the New York market who might have missed the diss, Flex occupies Hot 97's late evening primetime shift from 7pm to midnight, Monday through Thursday. 

While the acrimony between the two men goes back quite a long way, the latest round of shots between Drake and Flex kicked off on Thursday when Drizzy demanded that Hot 97 fire Flex before he would appear on the station again for an interview. Naturally, Flex didn't take too kindly to Drake's calling for his dismissal and brought up the story about his freestyle while reading from a Blackberry in 2009.

"You wanted people to think that you write your bars, you wanted people to think that on that BlackBerry those [words] were yours, and that you wrote that" Flex asserted. "I see through you. And that’s why you so angry."

You can listen to Flex's entire comments about Drake yesterday on the radio below.