Philadelphia's Made in America festival has been building anticipation for the experience by releasing teaser videos via Tidal of artists' preparations for their appearances. Last week, we learned a bit about Lil Yachty's road to festival, and now it's Dave East's turn. The Harlem rapper immediately dove into his approach and perceptions as an artist. "I'm actually talking about real life situations, like stuff that actually happens," Dave said about his style, which some have referred to as a throwback to a bygone era of hip-hop. "So I don't think that's old-school, I don't think that's over with. I feel like there's still dudes that can rap and tell their stories with lyricism. I just think I'm one of those dudes." 

He spits a nice freestyle acapella before discussing how much his life has changed since he started getting more buzz. East also reveals how much having a daughter has meant to him. "My life changed when I knew she was coming. She was born March 9, which is the day Biggie died. So it's crazy." East noted that he named his new mixtape after her because of how much inspiration she's brought to his life. "I wanted the real world to see her... I think she'll be proud of who her father is when she gets to a certain age."

You can check out Dave East's entire Road to Made in America video above, peep the full lineup here, and check out more information about Made in America on the event's website.