Sunday night, Kim Kardashian channeled her inner Cersei Lannister and used Snapchat videos to burn Taylor Swift to the ground by providing proof that Swift did approve, at least in part, the lyrics to Kanye West’s “Famous” in a truly impressive Game of Phones battle. The internet exploded instantaneously, with Swift’s squeaky-clean reputation as a beacon for all things innocent and good being the primary casualty. Many who had long-suspected Swift of unseemly manipulation felt vindicated as social media became crowded with snake emojis and #KimExposedTaylorParty memes as Kim watched from her tower in Calabasas.

In response, Taylor posted on Instagram, writing, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” However, this is 2016 and no publicist can erase all the times Swift has seemingly dragged people into a narrative of her own. The internet, like a diseased but still functional elephant, never forgets. The fact is, Swift has made some shady moves in her career, dragging fellow celebrities, critics, and even music services through the proverbial mud. Here are 10 of those moments.