Kent Jones has been burning up the charts with his breakout single "Don’t Mind," an infectious tune that’s become one of the top contenders for 2016’s song of the summer. But just when we thought the Barry White-sampled track couldn’t get any better, Jones came through with a "Don’t Mind" remix featuring fellow Miamian Pitbull and Lil Wayne.

The song retains its catchy beat but gets an extra dose of international shoutouts through Weezy’s and Mr. Worldwide’s verses.

"I'm surrounded by Carribean queens/I'm talkin' Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Dominican things/I got Jamaicans and them Haitians […] I got them Trini's and them Beijing's and they all for me," Pitbull raps.

Lil Wayne shows off his French-speaking skills in his verse as well as in the revamped hook with Jones: "Bonjour mademoiselle/Je m'apelle Lil Tunechi/Might want cover your ears/Cause Young Moolah, we boomin'." And, of course, DJ Khaled had to throw in some ad libs. 

You can listen to the "Don’t Mind" remix below.