Gucci Mane is several weeks deep into his post-prison redemption tour, and in his new video for "Pick Up the Pieces (Outro)," he comes full circle. The video features Gucci taking a bat to his past, smashing images of some of his past works, including The State vs. Radric Davis.

"Waist deep up shit creek/Tryna' come up but the slope too steep/What you kill what you eat/What you sow what you reap/What you learn what you teach/What you see you repeat," he raps. The redemptive narrative, coupled with the past-cleansing imagery clearly show that Gucci is ready to turn over a new leaf.

All of this certainly jives with the public comments he's made since his release from prison. He discussed his recovery from drug addiction in a profile published by The New York Times, saying "Anybody can do the stuff Gucci used to do... Can y'all copy living how I'm living? Can y'all copy getting y'all life together?" As the final song on Everybody Looking, "Pick Up the Pieces (Outro)" seems to be a reflection on the idea of recovery and rediscovering oneself.

Everybody Looking was recorded in the six days immediately following Gucci's release from prison. It includes features from Kanye West, Drake, and Young Thug. All the production was handled by Mike WiLL Made-It and Zaytoven, both of whom lavished praise upon the project in the days before its release. Gucci brought things full circle on Friday with a homecoming performance featuring a number of big-name rappers.

You can watch Gucci Mane's "Pick Up the Pieces (Outro)" video above.