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UPDATE: The Midwest Medical Examiner has since confirmed Prince's cause of death as an overdose of the drug Fentanyl. You can see their full report below. 

According to the AP, Prince died of an opioid overdose based on tests that were done after his death. The legendary singer passed away back in April, and at the time, the Carver County Sheriff's office announced an investigation was open and that it would take weeks for the results to come in. The Carver County Sheriff's office has yet to release any official news about the cause of Prince's death. Following Prince's death, both the DEA and other federal agencies have joined in on the investigation, though no official reports have been released.

The AP reports that police were investigating Prince's death to determine if it was an overdose or whether a doctor was prescribing the singer drugs leading up to his death. In May, reports surfaced that Prince was scheduled to meet with an addiction specialist the day before he died to help kick a rumored painkiller addiction.

Complex reached out to the Carver County Sheriff's office to confirm the AP's report and an official spokesman said they were unaware of the report and that they have made no official announcement about the cause of Prince's death. The Sheriff's office would not confirm whether or not an official announcement would be made soon. We'll continue to update this story as more details become available.