“It’s always good chatting to the day ones in this ting,” grime MC P Money tells me as we wrap up our long-overdue catch up. In fact, we haven’t talked like this for a good five or six years, back when I used to book him to spin my club nights with his aggy, passionate rhymes and pull-up worthy ad-libs.

Born and raised in Lewisham, South East LDN, P Money began making inroads in grime during the latter stage of 2009. He had already released two strong projects before then—Coins 2 Notes (2007) and P Money Is Power (2008)—but his 2009 mixtape, Money Over Everyone, was what had critics standing tall to attention: while the scene’s old guard were off chasing mainstream money, it was projects such as this that kept their interest piqued. For P Money and most emcees around him—those who lived for pirate radio and other grime rituals—it felt like they had a whole scene to carry, but this never stopped him from doing some dabbling of his own: with dubstep, grime’s grubby younger cousin. 

After working with the likes of True Tiger (Slang Like Dis), Magnetic Man (Anthemic), Flux Pavilion and Skreamand generally making his presence known by turning up, unbooked, and shelling down now-closed dub spots like The End, Cable, and Plastic People—P Money saw new light at the end of the tunnel. Even when touring on dubstep stages across the globe, his raging, double-time flow has never failed to represent what he’s always been about: spreading the good gospel of grime. With a record deal via Rinse, an epic nod from Wiley, and a number of sold-out shows under his belt, P Money is still beating the tune and delivering great works, and is today considered something of a grime scene oracle.