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After premiering the video for "Tenkkeys" at the end of March, mysterious rapper Spark Master Tape is back with his new project Silhouette of a Sunkken City

"It all started with some SWOUP and a hand grenade," Spark said in an email. "Five years later we swimmin' out the case like Polly Pocket lookin' for a place to park this 2106 Lada. We on that 3-6-5, cash grab with a chance of voluntary manslaughter. #SWOUP" Although it's pretty unlikely that Spark Master Tape has any plans to reveal himself after all these years of mystery, it's still great to get some new music from him. His past projects—2012's Syrup Splash and 2013's The #SWOUP Serengeti—were fan favorites. It's hard to complain when you're being blessed with new music, even if you're not exactly sure of its source.

You can stream and download Silhouette of a Sunkken City below via DatPiff.