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A new report from Fox 5 NY is giving us an update on the status of Chinx murder case. The rapper was shot to death in Queens almost a year ago in a case that remains unsolved. According to the report, investigators are having a hard time finding suspects because many of the rapper's associates in the music industry are refusing to cooperate with investigators.

Nonetheless, they have uncovered some more details about the incident. They say that, contrary to earlier reports, the murder was not a drive-by. Chinx car was trapped between the curb on one side and a construction barrier on the other, and his murderer likely walked up to the car on foot. Detectives said that at least 12 bullet casings were found, but it's possible that more shots were fired. In terms of motive, they don't believe that Chinx was involved in any type of major drug dealing or organized crime. Rather, they believe it was a "targeted killing" due to Chinx being on the precipice of major fame.

You can watch the entire report in the video above.