Earlier this morning, Kanye West's "Saint Pablo" featuring Sampha randomly appeared on Apple Music, though it was unclear how it got there. The song, which originally leaked onto the Internet last month, has since been removed from the service. It's unknown at the moment if Kanye has any plans to put the track out, and if it would be exclusive to Tidal like The Life of Pablo was for a long period of time. There's also a chance that Kanye could include this song on his next album, Turbo Grafx 16, which he previously said was coming this summer.

When the track appeared on Apple Music this morning, it was on a connect page linked to an account titled, "Apple Curator." It appears the song was posted on a private test account from Apple Music and wasn't actually intended to be released. The link is now gone and unlikely to be back anytime soon. We can only hope that Kanye decides to put out the song sometime in the near future. We'll continue to update this story if any more details come out.