Iggy Azalea has been going through a firestorm of media coverage surrounding her relationship with Nick Young after video surfaced of him admitting to cheating on her. Although she's said a couple of times now that everything is okay between the two, she also threatened to cut off part of his penis if anything else surfaced about him being with another woman. She also caused a stir last week when she was seen without her engagement ring on while traveling. Some took this to mean that she had found cause to finally end things between the two.

Tonight, she vented her frustration about the whole thing on Twitter. Iggy insisted that the two are still together, but that they'd really like a lot more privacy to work on their relationship. "I always answer questions honestly," she wrote. "But my job is to promote my music, not my relationship I'd love to be interviewed about the former only.

The subject has definitely been coming up during her interviews, which must be frustrating for her when she's trying to promote her upcoming June album Digital Distortion and recent single "Team." From the sound of it, we won't be hearing too much more about their love life, so let's take this to mean they're planning on staying together and working on things.

You can see her tweets below.

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