Legendary rapper and producer DJ Quik recently stopped by NOAHTV​, where he shared his thoughts on Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album, and 'Ye in general. "Kanye so scared, he don't even know what to do with The Life of Pablo. Let's just keep this shit all the way fucking 100," Quik said. Quik was likely referring to Kanye changing the album after the initial release and the rollout in general, like when Kanye said it would only be available on Tidal, though it's not streaming everywhere.

He didn't stop there however, and decided to comment on 'Ye's marriage to Kim Kardashian. "His celebrity supersedes his talent right now? Yes. Come on, he's a Kardashian now, what the fuck. This is a challenge. This isn't a diss, it's just a challenge. Make your best music, because fans aren't stupid." It's doubtful that Kanye will respond to Quik's criticisms, but it really woudn't be that much of a surprise if he did. You can check out the interview above.