Last September, Sir Michael Rocks released Populair, an eight-song project with zero features that showcased the Midwest rapper's lyrical skills and unique style. It was a big hit with fans, so it comes as no surprise that Michael has the second installment ready to go for April. As a taste of what's to come, he shares "How Are You So Calm," a catchy track produced by Big Los that listeners can definitely vibe out to.

Populair 2 serves as the final installment in the series, and will offer a different sound to its predecessor. "The first installment was more personal, dark and introspective, but this one picks up the pace and gives you some hard hitting, head-knod worthy bangers. All the while still hitting you with some creative, crafty writing and catchy tunes," Michael says. "It’s been a great experience creating the Populair saga, so I hope everyone enjoys the last installment and can take some energy from it.”

Check out "How Are You So Calm" below and be on the lookout for Populair 2 to drop April 8.