Last night, Pharrell decided to drop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his love for '80s sitcoms, and in particular, their theme songs. It was all pretty random, but we're not complaining in the least bit, as Pharrell vibed out as Questlove and the Roots rocked along with some classic tunes from back in the day. Things actually got so groovy on set, that Pharrell even got up out of his seat and started dancing while Fallon played the air guitar.

As a bonus, Pharrell decided to pitch his idea for a new iPhone app that would be like Siri, but for just music questions. Better yet, he said that he thinks that if someone made the app, they should have to use Questlove's voice for it. "The human hip-hop and all-around music almanac Questlove," Pharrell said. No word on if that app is actually going to be made, but there's always hope when Skateboard P is involved.