Last October when we interviewed Alan Palomo, best known as Neon Indian, he detailed the chaos behind the scenes of his latest LP, the spectacularly diverse Vega Intl. Night School. Drawing inspiration from such disparate realms as Stanley Kubrick movies, '90s Italo-disco and a nausea-inducing booze cruise with his brother, the record is truly a product of its backstory.

Today, he shares the video for Vega Intl. track "Techno Clique," and much like the album's sonic aesthetic, it's completely saturated. The vibrantly-colored clip dives right into the funky aftermath of an accident that occurs when a man chokes on a chicken wing. An omnipresent Palomo watches over as the crowd ascends from the disco function to some meaty space dimension, never losing the groove along the way. It's as fun and freaky as anything we'd expect from Neon Indian.

Read our wide feature with Palomo here and peep the new video for "Techno Clique" above, via Super Deluxe.