Lido just came through with a remix of Kanye West's latest album, The Life of Pablowhich is appropriately titled The Life of Peder since his given name is Peder Losnegård. The Norwegian producer masterfully condensed the album into an eight and a half minute track of remixed versions of the album. Then, he chopped it, re-sequenced it, and weaved it back together into one beautifully blended new banger that pumps with a new lease on life.

Of course, Lido's new arrival shouldn't be too much of a shock if you've been paying attention. Over the weekend, he tweeted to his followers hinting at a release that had the potential to be taken down. Listen to it above or at before it disappears from the internet forever. 

Say hypothetically I have something kinda cool that will get taken down immediately... Where should I put it up?

— Lido (@Lido) March 26, 2016