Years back, celebrated hip-hop artist D-Nice started True Hip-Hop Stories, a video series featuring legendary acts like Big Daddy Kane and Buckshot sharing some pretty incredible tales from the past. D-Nice took a break from the series in recent times, but that changes today with a lost episode with Heavy D. The late MC talks about the making of the 1987 classic single, "The Overweight Lover's in the House," which was included on Heavy D & the Boyz's debut album, Living Large.

"When I made my first record, my biggest dream was just to hear the record on Mr. Magic or Marley Marl. Sit in the park, maybe drink a 40 with your boombox and your crew and be like, 'We did it, we made it!'" Heavy D says. The success of "The Overweight Lover's in the House" was propelled by its accompanying music video, which featured the rapper showing off his dance moves and staying true to himself. "Being a guy who was a plus size rapper, if you will, I never looked at myself as outside of the normal person. I guess that was part of the appeal. I believed everything I was saying."

Take a trip down hip-hop memory lane with one of the nicest to touch the microphone. R.I.P. Heavy D.